“Chris is an amazingly talented designer. He developed my website www.hhccllc.com and I consistently receive very positive feedback about the quality and creativity of my site. Chris’ creativity, graphic ability, technical and testing knowledge are exceptional. He is incredibly easy to work with, patient, thoughtful, helpful, and overall just a pure pleasure to work with on a regular basis. He is responsive, reliable, collaborative, and provides overall excellent service to his clients.

If you are in need of a multi-talented graphics, designer, and developer, I strongly recommend you hire him to be on your team.”

Lisa Cohen, CPTD, Prosci Change Management Practitioner | HHCCLLC.com | May 17, 2018

“Chris is a secret weapon for anyone charged with staying ahead of the curve and the ever-changing needs and demands of the digital world.

He was the Web Developer and Designer when I was Marketing Director at Determine Inc. As a teammate, Chris raised the bar for all of us. As our visual designer, web developer and Eloqua expert, he was a huge part of the reason that our marketing initiatives turned out as well as they did. He is effective, efficient and has a remarkably diverse skill set.

Among many strengths is his ability to handle challenging tasks and challenging people. He played a key role in managing projects and third parties during two complicated site launches, many technology integrations and ever-evolving demands for reporting. He is motivated to provide high quality work and always gets the job done well. Chris is a great asset to any organization he decides to be part of. It is my pleasure to recommend Chris Damerst.”

Kellie Peterson | Ziff Davis | Senior Marketing Director | July 7, 2016

“I have worked with Chris Damerst at Youbet.com and Great American Deals. At Youbet.com Chris worked in the marketing department and I was Senior Vice President of Online Operation. Chris did not report to my department but the quality of his work had a direct impact on the quality of service we delivered to our customers. Chris was primarily responsible for developing and deploying the creative, emails campaigns, banner ads and Web landing pages for the various marketing campaigns. Chris’ work was always outstanding. Chris could always be relied upon to get the job done.

A year later I hired Chris as Creative Director for Great American Deals. Great American Deals is an early stage ecommerce business that required each team member to be responsible for multiple roles. The primary reason I hired Chris was his ability to support the complete lifecycle for developing our ecommerce system that includes business to consumer and business to business platforms. Chris’ responsibilities include providing creative direction, developing the user interface, developing all creative assets including copy and frontend website coding. Chris is also accomplished at solving problems as the business requirements change. For example when mobile became an important factor he quickly developed a mobile site using responsive design and HTML5. Chris is also accomplished at developing creative and copy for print advertising such as post cards, fliers and large advertising signage.

I have known Chris since 2008 and I can strongly recommend him to any team that requires both strong creative and technical skills as they relate to web and mobile development.”

Joseph Hasson | Game Play Network – Great American Deals | CTO | May 12, 2014

“I am happy to write this recommendation for Christopher Damerst. Christopher has been working for me since December 2010 on a project that aims to redesign the entire user interface of BoardGameGeek.com.

Chris has been responsible for designing and revising the interface for all of our systems. His design and organization skills have been unmatched. Our website has over 30 different major areas and it’s no easy task to keep it all straightened out. He is responsive to critique and is quick to make changes.

Chris has been very communicative in his responsibilities; he has been enthusiastic and motivated to keep improving the design to create the best product possible. I would happily hire him again for future work, and sincerely recommend Christopher.”

Scott Alden | BoardGameGeek.com | Owner

“Chris is a creative Swiss army knife. He has the ability to tackle any task and execute it at a level that is always above and beyond expectations. He is well respected by the entire marketing team and has proven to be a great leader and mentor. He is detail oriented, with an innate ability to design and develop world class user experiences.

Chris would make a great asset to any creative team, his work ethic and skill set is hard to find. It has been a pleasure work with him.”

Kristopher Johns | Maker Studios – Newegg.com – Atari | Creative Director, UX Director, Art Director

“Chris was a “find.” He was brought in as a freelancer with Youbet.com and was immediately offered a fulltime position. It was obvious he had the design talent and experience. But what made him invaluable to the creative team was his ability to see the bigger picture—streamlining processes to get the job done quickly.

Being independent and self motivated, Chris has made my time managing him from 3,000 miles away easy. With his solid design foundation, skills to code, and being a perfectionist—I know there’s nothing he couldn’t take on.”

Tom Chung | Creative Director – Marketing Consultant – Strategic Planning

“Count on Chris when you need it done well and on time. The quality of his work and the speed at which he completes it is a rare combination in this industry. He’s always ready to step up and get things done and chip in to lend a hand to others who need it. What’s more is that he takes to change well and is quick to adapt to our ever morphing requirements.

All this has made him a true asset for me and the entire team. It is a pleasure working with him, and I know I can always count on him when things get heated.”

Ramyar (RJ) Jafarkhani | Technical Director at Siteworx

“It takes a special talent to make audio recordings sound great. I have worked with Chris on a couple of projects. He has gone above and beyond expectations. His quality of work is second to none. I would continue to work with him again on any future projects.

Thank you for all your help.”

Dan Moses | Independent Music Professional

“Dear Christopher,

Please find enclosed a copy of “The Great Divide”. The project is finally finished. Your talent, passion and musical ability have made this a truly magical album. The world will be moved by what we have created together.

This is Willie’s 201st album and he’s said several times that it’s his best. For Willie to feel that way is a reward in itself. Thank you for being a part of music history in the making.

It was both an honor and a joy to work together. “The Great Divide” is an incredible collection of songs, artists and musicians – an album that will stand the test of time.”

Matt Serletic | Chairman & CEO Virgin Records – Emblem Music Group